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1196 - How to do a Bare Metal Recovery using InstantData (v20.4 and earlier)


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  • Bruce Laing


    Might be worth noting the command line options for BMR, these are


    InstantData: Full System Recovery - Bare Metal Recovery

    InstantData.FSR.BMR.exe -Server= -Port=443 -Account=BackupGroup\AccountName -Key=encryptionKey123


    -Help Displays this help

    -Server Address of AS or SS where the account is located
    -Port Address Port of AS or SS where the account is located
    -Account Guid or full account name used for restore
    -Key Encryption key for account

    -Backup Specify the backup to restore from
    -Secure Should the connection to the Platform be over https. This needs to be set to true if your network uses a transparent proxy
    -FileExclusions Exclude files that match the spec.
    -FolderExclusions Exclude entire folders from being restored.
    -DiskMap Map disks in backup to disks on target machine (e.g. 1:2,2:3 maps disk 1 in the backup to disk 2 in the target and disk 2 in the backup to disk 3 in the target)

    -VersionToReport The version that InstantData reports to the SP. If not specified the InstantData agent version will be reported.
    -VersionPassword SP admin password to override the version check
    -Timeout Storage Platform request timeout in seconds.
    -ConnectionLimit Max concurrent connections to the platform.
    -UrlRefreshInterval How often the cached server URLs should be refreshed (in mins).


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