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1263 - OData error: “Could not establish trust relationship”



  • Bruce Laing

    This guide has the wrong SSL cert linked in Step 1. 

  • Jacques van Rensburg

    Hi Bruce

    Did some investigation and there are cases where this will happen connecting to the link mentioned above.
    Depending on DNS, certain browsers or app, the connection by the AS is seen as comms from the backup client and then services the cert seen above.

    I'm going to replace the steps above using the SP Console instead to trust/install certs (Via report, enterprise - configure - Install Root cert). It might however still not work 100% for you. In that case I suggest logging a support ticket to assist with getting an additional cert added to the Redstor SP for eg


  • Bruce Laing

    Hi Jacques,

    Thanks for the update, don't know if you meant to post it to your FAQ. And yes the step above still won't work for us or our customers as you need to be an SP Platform Admin to allow you to get access to the "Configure" option for Enterprise reports.



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